What is the NHQB?


When buying a new home, understanding the organisations and standards that ensure the quality and safety of your investment is crucial. One such organisation is the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB), established to improve the quality of new homes and provide better protection for homebuyers. It aims to develop and implement a robust framework for quality standards in new home construction. The NHQB’s primary objectives include setting high standards for builders, ensuring consumer protection, and accrediting builders who meet these standards.

Role and Responsibilities

Setting Standards: The NHQB is responsible for creating and maintaining quality standards for new homes. These standards cover various aspects of home construction, ensuring that new builds meet the necessary safety, structural, and aesthetic requirements.

Consumer Protection: One of the Board’s core roles is to safeguard the rights and interests of homebuyers. By implementing stringent quality standards and a comprehensive code of conduct for builders, it ensures that consumers are protected from substandard construction practices.

Builder Accreditation: The Board also oversees the accreditation process for builders. Builders must demonstrate compliance with the NHQB’s standards to receive accreditation. This process ensures that only those builders committed to quality and consumer satisfaction are recognised by the NHQB.

The New Homes Quality Code

Central to the NHQB’s mission is the New Homes Quality Code. This code sets out the principles and requirements that builders must follow to ensure high-quality construction and customer service. Key aspects of the code include:

  • Clear Information: Builders must provide clear and accurate information to homebuyers about the home they are purchasing.
  • Customer Service: Builders are required to deliver excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale.
  • Quality Assurance: Builders must adhere to stringent quality standards throughout the construction process.
  • Complaint Resolution: The code includes a clear and fair process for resolving any complaints that may arise.

Benefits for Homebuyers

The NHQB’s efforts offer several significant benefits for homebuyers:

  • Enhanced Protection: Homebuyers receive better protection against poor construction practices and substandard homes.
  • Improved Quality: The stringent standards set lead to higher-quality homes, reducing the likelihood of defects and issues.
  • Transparency: The NHQB promotes greater transparency from builders, ensuring that homebuyers are well-informed about their purchase.
  • Accountability: Builders are held accountable for their work, leading to improved practices and higher standards across the industry.

NHQB’s Impact on the Housing Market

Some of the positive changes brought about by the NHQB include:

  • Increased Trust: Homebuyers are more likely to trust builders who are accredited by the NHQB, leading to increased demand for quality homes.
  • Higher Standards: The NHQB’s standards push builders to adopt better practices and improve the overall quality of new homes.
  • Market Improvements: The emphasis on quality and consumer protection contributes to a healthier housing market with fewer defects and disputes.


The New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) ensures the quality and safety of new homes in the UK by setting high standards, protecting consumers, and accrediting builders, leading to a better housing market. Homebuyers benefit from improved quality, transparency, and protection, making it an essential part of the homebuying process. Understanding its standards can help you make informed decisions and invest in high-quality homes. For more information, visit the NHQB website.

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