Top 10 Frequently Overlooked Snags in New Builds

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Buying a new build home is an exciting venture, offering the allure of modernity, energy efficiency, and a blank canvas to make your mark. However, amidst the thrill of stepping into a pristine property, it’s crucial not to overlook potential snags that could mar the experience. Here, we delve into the top 10 frequently overlooked snags in new builds, shedding light on aspects that demand careful consideration.

  1. Finishing Touches: Often overshadowed by the grandeur of a new build, the finishing touches can be a subtle source of frustration. We inspect the paintwork, tiles, and any decorative elements closely. Uneven paint, misaligned tiles, or poorly executed trims can stand out once the initial euphoria fades.
  2. Drainage and Landscaping: The allure of a new build extends beyond the front door. We pay attention to the garden and external drainage. Inadequate landscaping or poor drainage can lead to waterlogging, affecting both the aesthetics and structural integrity of your property.
  3. Snags in the Kitchen: The kitchen is the heart of any home, and new builds are no exception. We thoroughly check for minor snags like misaligned cabinets, uneven countertops, or issues with appliances. We also check the cabinets are fitted as per suppliers recommendations (ie all cabinet support legs fitted and firmly on the ground). Addressing these early ensures a smoother culinary experience.
  4. Electrical & Plumbing: With the use of a tester we check that the sockets and switches are working and we test and check all visible plumbing for correct installation and leaks.
  5. Window Seals and Frames: Overlooking window seals and frames is a common mistake. They should be properly sealed to prevent draughts and leaks. Poorly fitted windows can compromise energy efficiency and comfort.
  6. Quality of Materials Used: While the allure of a new build lies in its modernity, the quality of materials used can vary. It’s important to inspect the construction materials, fixtures, and fittings to ensure they meet the standards/workmanship set out by your developer. This can prevent unwelcome surprises in the long run.
  7. Loft and Attic Insulation: With energy efficiency in mind, we inspect the loft and attic insulation. Inadequate insulation can lead to increased energy bills and discomfort, especially during extreme weather conditions.
  8. Security Measures: While new builds often come with advanced security features, it’s essential to verify their effectiveness. We inspect door and window locks and lighting to ensure your home is well-protected.
  9. Envelope: We check that the envelope (brickwork, roof, guttering fascias etc) is built within the industry standards and highlight any issues outside of this which need to be rectified.
  10. Poor Workmanship: We check that the installation of all materials/fixtures & fitting have been correctly fitted.
Top 10 Frequently Overlooked Snags

In conclusion, purchasing a new build is a thrilling milestone, but it’s crucial to approach it with a discerning eye. With our help, by paying attention to these frequently overlooked snags, you can ensure that your new home remains a haven of comfort and joy for years to come.

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