Discover The Unbeatable Benefits Of Hiring A Professional House Snagging Company

Professional house snagging company

If you have recently purchased a new build, you might mistakenly believe that the home is always going to be picture-perfect and flawless. However, this is far from a guarantee. Instead, there could be issues and defects that were caused or missed during the construction process.

The best way to check for these issues is to use a professional house snagging company. Here are some of the key benefits of this decision.

A Team With The Right Expertise And Experience 

A professional house snagging company will provide a team with years of experience and expertise to inspect your home. They will have knowledge of common new build defects and be able to spot them immediately. Additionally, they will possess advanced knowledge regarding why certain snags could become problematic and offer advice on how to prompt the building developer to rectify them for you.

Get A Thorough And Comprehensive Inspection

Using professional house snagging services will ensure that you receive a complete, comprehensive inspection of your property. No area of your home will be missed or ignored during this process. Instead, the team will take the time to check your home thoroughly to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises for you further down the road. This will always save you stress in the long run and guarantee that you don’t end up wishing you had used a service like this. Every new build snagging inspection will include an in-depth room examination for every area of your property.

Identify All Construction Issues

A comprehensive property inspection offered by a professional house snagging company will identify any construction issues. This includes common snags such as:

  • Brickwork – built within acceptable tolerances/standards
  • Guttering – correct falls and installation
  • Loft insulation – installed to specification
  • Fencing – Plumb, fitted correctly and secure
  • Windows/Doors – sub-standard installation and/or inferior materials/products
  • Decorations – poor preparations, runs, all areas fully decorated
  • Plumbing – leaks to visible services including – waste/traps/ taps/sanitary ware/ radiators etc

While some of these issues are an aesthetic concern, others will mean that your home is an unpleasant place to live. They could also cost you a fortune to fix if you don’t find the snag during the initial period where your developer remains liable. Remember, you only have two years to report any snags, including cosmetic issues, to your home builder.

Professional house snagging company

Visible Issues

Another benefit of hiring a professional house snagging company is that you will receive a detailed report that includes any issues with the building. This report will include aesthetic issues and more serious problems that could impact the safety standards of your home. A thorough and detailed report will provide you with more power as the homeowner and make it easier for you to get the issues resolved.

Save Time And Effort

Professional companies also provide time-saving snagging services. Using a service like this will ensure a rapid resolution of snagging issues. A builder is far more likely to fix any issues if you can present a report completed by a trusted and reputable company. It is far more difficult and stressful to get a developer or building contractor to repair your home based on a personal inspection.

new build House snagging company

Fantastic Value 

On average, a professional snagging inspection service will cost anywhere between £250 and £550. Hiring a professional company will provide a service that delivers fantastic value. Choosing the right solution will also provide long-term value. It will ensure that you don’t have to pay for home repairs when issues are noticed later on or when you decide to sell your home

Gain Complete Peace Of Mind

Finally, a professional house snagging company will offer complete peace of mind for homeowners of any new build. Using this service after the completion of your property’s construction will provide an accurate and detailed assessment of the construction work. There won’t be any hidden issues or details that you have missed, which could cost you extra money or cause you stress. With a professional snagging inspector on your side, you will also find it far easier to get a building developer to listen to you.

Do you need a snagging inspection of your new build? At The House Inspector Snagging, we provide professional home snagging services that you can trust. Get in touch today and we’ll make sure that your new home is the one you deserve. 

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