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Are you considering purchasing a new build in Warwick? Perhaps you have already secured your new home? You’re far from alone here. The housing market in Warwick is booming, partly due to its excellent transport links to business hubs like Birmingham and London, as well as its incredible, picturesque backdrop.

New three-bedroom home developments in the area are perfect for growing families and working professionals, eager to set their feet firmly on the property market. However, if you are planning to dive into this investment opportunity headfirst, you need to approach it the right way. That includes using a house snagging Warwick service. 

What is Snagging and Why Do You Need an Inspection?

Snagging refers to any issues with a new build that are beyond what the construction industry deems acceptable. The extent of the snag can vary depending on the property and the contractor. It could impact any aspect of your home. Some common problems that a home snagging inspection may reveal include:

  • Poorly applied mastic to wet areas with the potential to cause leaks
  • Kitchen cabinet legs missing
  • Incorrect falls to guttering
  • Sub-standard/poorly prepared materials being used.
  • Loft insulation not laid to specification

As you can see, the snags revealed by a professional house snagging company can be extensive and varied. Some of these issues would likely be missed if you completed the inspection yourself. That’s why it’s important to make sure you arrange for an expert company to provide detailed snagging reports on your new home in Warwick. 

Is This Only for Low Quality Builds?

You may think that snagging inspections are only relevant for smaller developers and that the larger developers have better checking systems in place. This may well be the case but due to internal pressures, commercially driven issues, labour/material shortages and even weather conditions and just human error things can be missed by any sized developer. With a professional snagging report, you can ensure that these issues are corrected in a timely manner and with the easy to follow report carried out to the required standard. Having the issues dealt with in this way can elevate potential issues in the future. For example you may have a mastic bead poorly applied and over a period of time this is allowing water to penetrate behind the tiling, the long term effects are very costly- new backing materials, popped tiling, damage to ceilings, damp, etc.

Will Builders Fix a Snag?

The simple answer to this is yes! Having a professional report that is concise, itemised with individual photographs and industry guided descriptions will be far more appealing to your developer rather than a list issued by a home owner who is not aware of the tolerances/specifications and guidelines that are to be followed. They may initially be reserved when presented with a professional report but the majority of developers will react to it positively and complete the report in full knowing it has been inspected by someone with the required experience.

Who Should Arrange a Snagging Report?

Anyone thinking about purchasing a new build should arrange for a professional snagging report. The benefits of professional snagging inspections in Warwickshire are numerous and will ultimately provide you with the peace of mind that you need as a new property owner. Do be aware that you have a limited time where the contractor is liable for completing any issues that become apparent through a report like this.

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How Much Does a Snagging Inspection Cost in Warwick?

The cost of snagging services in Warwick depends on the size of the home. Generally speaking, you should expect to pay around £380 for a snagging inspection on a 3-bedroom property in Warwickshire. However, companies do offer different rates for their services. As such, it is important to find a home inspection company that offers the right level of value and can deliver the high-quality service you require. Remember, it is essential that your snagging report is accurate and representative of your home’s true condition.

Warwick provides a fantastic, fresh opportunity for new home buyers. Wonderful schools, beauty spots, and a fantastic array of amenities all await families and investors. With a snagging report, you can protect your new investment and ensure that there are no nasty surprises in the months or years ahead.

Are you interested in finding out more about housing snagging Warwick services? If so, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at The House Inspector Snagging today. We’ll be happy to assist you further. 

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